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Did you know that you don’t need to have rail tracks at your facility to ship your cargo by rail?  No Rail? No Problem.   Transloading is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of transportation to realize the benefits of rail.  Transloading allows cargo to seamlessly move between truck and rail to reach your end destination.  Additionally, many transload facilities offer storage and warehousing services.


Through transloading, moving cargo by rail has never been easier and the advantages of utilizing rail as a mode of transportation allows shippers to be even more competitive.

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45% Lower Cost Than Shipping By Truck

According to the The American Trucking
Association, 2018.

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Transload Case Studies

OmniTRAX Develops Transload Solutions That Reduces Customer’s Transporation Costs and Production Facility Down Time. Check Out These Case Studies of Proven Results.

— By The Numbers —

Benefits of Rail

field worker stepped up on set of railway cars

Economic Advantages

  • One railcar holds the equivalent of 4 trucks
  • Rail rates are more stable
  • Shipping by rail is 45% less than by truck
train tracks during the day in the fog with large rising sun

Capacity Advantages

  • Railroads pool cars to provide capacity
  • Railroads aren’t congested like highways
  • Railroads aren’t typically impacted by weather
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Environmental Advantages

  • Rail helps lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • Rail is 4x more fuel efficient than long-haul trucks
  • Ship a ton of cargo 473 mi. on one gallon of fuel

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