Did you know that you don’t need to have rail tracks at your facility in order to ship your cargo by rail?   Through transloading, cargo can seamlessly move between truck and rail.   Simply move your product by short haul truck to a nearby rail transload facility where it can be transferred to a rail car.   No investment in your own track is required.  Additionally, many transload facilities  offer storage and warehousing services.

Through transloading, moving cargo by rail has never been easier and the advantages of utilizing rail as a mode of transportation allows shippers to be even more competitive.

Transload Commodities

Economic Advantages

  • One railcar can hold the equivalent amount of cargo as 4 trucks
  • Rail rates are more stable and less subject to seasonality and market variations
  • Shipping by rail is an estimated 45% less per ton than shipping by truck
  • Benefits of Rail – Transportation Savings

Capacity Advantages

  • Railcars come in a variety of types and sizes which minimize packaging and handling
  • Railroads pool cars to provide capacity and optionality to move goods to all of North America
  • Railroads aren’t congested like highways nor are they as impacted during inclement weather
  • Benefits of Rail – Access to Capacity

Environmental Advantages

  • Moving by rail instead of truck lowers green house emissions by 75%
  • Railroads can move a ton of freight an average of 473 miles on one gallon of fuel
  • Railroads are 4 times more fuel efficient long-haul trucks
  • Benefits of Rail – The Environment




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Liquid Bulk Transload Case Study 1
Dry Bulk Transload Case Study


Monday Morning Spotlight Great Western Transload

Northern Colorado Transload Terminal

Monday morning spotlight 06.29.2020

Chicago Transload Terminal

Sand Springs Multi Commodity Transload Terminal

Sand Springs, OK Transload Terminal

Stockton Multi Commodity Transload

Stockton, CA Transload Terminal

Brownsville Multi Commodity Transload Terminal

Brownsville, TX Transload Terminal

WW Transload Terminal MMS

West Virginia Transload Terminal 

WW Transload Terminal MMS

New Jersey Transload Terminal

Fulton County Translaod Terminal

Atlanta, GA Transload Terminal

Savannah Gateway Transload Terminal

Gadsden, AL Transload Terminal

Savannah Gateway Transload Terminal

Savannah, GA Transload Terminal


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