So much more than just railroads

We want to be your gateway to the railroad industry. We have one goal in mind: making use of railroads as easy as possible. We’re your trusted adviser; we take the reins of your shipping needs and help you every step of the way.

We’ve invested our resources not only in the railroads but also in technology that allows for more convenient shipping, tracking, and delivery. Real-time email alerts can tell you where your shipment is and when you need to prepare for delivery.

OmniTRAX not only offers an easy way to ship by railroad, we help you ship door to door; long gone are the days of you having to try to cut through red tape with Class 1s and try to figure out how to get your shipments from point A to point B. Just give us a call. We’ll drop off a container, you fill it, and we’ll pick it up. It can be that easy!

OmniTRAX puts the entire railroad industry at your fingertips.

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benefits of omnitrax


OmniTRAX is continually expanding our reach, allowing our customers to take advantage of our door-to-door shipping services.  We combine the superior fuel efficiency of rail with the ease of trucking and the global reach of overseas shipping through our international deep-water ports.


With the ability to track your freight using our online shipping portal, you’ll not only receive real-time email alerts updating you on the status of your shipments, you’ll also receive peace of mind, knowing that we’re handling all of the red tape and complicated logistics normally associated with the other rail providers.

Cost Savings

When shipping as little as 500 miles, you can save money by using the most cost-effective shipping method around.  Because of the efficient use of fuel, rail is hands-down the least expensive way to get your freight from here to there.