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Georgia & Florida Railway, LLC (GA, FL) provides the benefits of rail across approximately 222 miles of track between Albany, Georgia, and northwestern Florida. The GFRR interchanges with CSXT at Thomasville and Quitman GA and interchanges with Norfolk Southern (NS) at Adel and Albany GA, providing customers dual access to these carriers.

Complementing its online rail and services, GFRR offers customers and the local southwestern Georgia and northwestern Florida community access to the Benefits of Rail via three primary product lines:  Rail-Ready Sites that locate new customers, No Rail? No Problem. Transloads that bring rail to customers not on the railroad and Car Storage and Services.

Services Offered

Railcar Repair And Storage



1019 Coastline Avenue
Albany, Georgia 31705

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Miles Operated:
222 Miles



OmniTRAX  railroad
Class 1 railroad


General Freight Tariff 5000-Effective 12.01.2023

GFRR Rate Tariff 8001 – Effective 01.01.2024

Quarterly Fuel Surcharge Report

— Our Rail Ready Program —

Industrial Site Development

summaryWell-known global, national and regional companies operate manufacturing plants and distribution points along the Georgia & Florida Railway.

Major Eastern U.S. markets are within one day’s trucking time via quick access to I-75 and I-10. The Georgia & Florida Railway runs parallel to US Highway 19, and connects to CSX and Norfolk Southern railroads, providing a convenient way for industry to transport their products and materials. Displaying the grit that built this country, the workforce of the region is trainable and responds quickly to opportunity. Employers share countless stories of employees with 10, 15, and 20 years of service that began their careers in entry-level positions and have climbed the ranks to become major decision makers in their company’s operations. Putting their dedication to work for you is an advantage towards increasing your profitability.

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Along the Georgia & Florida Railway, well-known global, national, and regional enterprises operate manufacturing plants and distribution hubs.

Through convenient access to I-75 and I-10, major Eastern U.S. markets are within one day’s trucking time. The Georgia & Florida Railway runs adjacent to US Highway 19 and connects to the CSX and Norfolk Southern railroads, making it easy for businesses to move their goods.

The labor in the region is trainable and fast to respond to opportunities, demonstrating the tenacity that established this country. Employers tell endless instances of employees who started their careers in entry-level roles and rose up the ranks to become important decision-makers in their company’s operations after 10, 15, even 20 years of service. Putting their dedication to work for you will help you increase your profit margins.

Railroad Transportation: Powering North American Businesses

Our rail services include: rail transportation, car storage and switching for both small and large companies.

OmniTRAX Owned Real Estate Across North America

Contact our Industrial Development team today. We are ready to Power your Business though Rail and Real Estate.No matter what type of project you are pursuing, we are committed to finding a solution that is effective for your business operations

Move Cargo Seamlessly Through Transloading Services

Did you know that you don’t need to have rail tracks at your facility to ship your cargo by rail? No Rail? No Problem.

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