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Solving Your Railcar Storage Needs
Posted On: April 28, 2020

OmniTRAX is experiencing an influx of inquiries to store loaded crude oil & other flammable materials in railcars. It is important for both railroads and shippers to understand that these OmniTRAX Railcar Storagehazardous materials are subject to Hazardous Material Regulations (“HMR”) as defined by the Federal Railroad Administration (“FRA”) 49 CFR 174.14. If these materials are to be stored for longer than 48-hours, the railcars need to be placed into stored service in accordance with 49 CFR 171.8.

In addition, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (“EPA”) Spill Prevention, Countermeasures, and Containment (“SPCC”) program requires a rail tank car storing crude oil to have a secondary containment consideration should the product inadvertently discharge from the railcar while stored.

Storage of tank cars containing flammable gases (in the U.S.) also requires compliance with State Fire Codes and Section 112R of the EPA Clean Air Act (40 CFR 68), which includes preparation and submittal of a Risk Management Plan.

If you have railcar storage need, please reach out to our team at OmniTRAX so we can develop a solution for you.

Thank you for your business.