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OmniTRAX Pledges 150,000 Meals to Southern New Jersey Communities
Posted On: December 8, 2020

NJWinchester & Western Railway Employees Volunteer

Support to Cumberland County Food Distribution Center

Vineland, N.J. – OmniTRAX, Inc. and its affiliate Winchester and Western Railway (W&W) are funding 150,000 meals to help New Jersey’s Southern Regional Food Distribution Center serve Southern New Jersey while pledging volunteer employee support to help feed the hungry. OmniTRAX COO Gord Anutooshkin joined Food Distribution Board Members Edward Morvay, Edward Smith, and Todd Bounodonna; Center Coordinator Yesenia Mcwhite, and Interim Executive Director Jill Lombardo at the food bank’s office today to share the company’s commitment to the region.

“The local communities we serve are important partners and it’s gratifying to team up with The Rural Development Corporation to battle hunger in the Cumberland County Community,” said OmniTRAX COO Gord Anutooshkin. “By combining our time and resources with Southern Regional Food Distribution Center, we can make a meaningful impact on those in need this winter.”

New Jersey’s Southern Regional Food Distribution Center is part of the Rural Development Corporation, a non-profit community based organization founded in 1972 by residents and non-governmental organizations in the rural most southernmost counties of New Jersey dedicated to the undeserved and/or unserved areas and populations in rural locations throughout Southern New Jersey.

“This generous pledge will have a meaningful impact to our local community where the outreach is needed now more than ever,” said Lombardo.

The Winchester and Western Railroad operates in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey communities. The New Jersey Division has four lines: Mainline, Seashore Line, Deerfield Branch, and Bridgeton Port Branch. These four lines are all interconnected through WW, Conrail, CSXT, or NS tracks.

“This extraordinarily generous food donation and pledge of employee support from OmniTRAX and Winchester and Western comes at a time of tremendous need at our shelter and food banks,” said Cumberland County Board of Commissioners Director Joseph Derella. “OmniTRAX has been an essential partner with the Cumberland County Improvement Authority in developing rail service as an engine of economic development by attracting new business and supporting the expansion of our existing business. Partnering with a company with such a strong ethic of social responsibility not only improves our economy but lifts up our entire community, including our most vulnerable residents.”