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OmniTRAX Energy Solutions To Address DUG Conference
Posted On: April 11, 2019

DENVER – Justin Renfro, President of OmniTRAX Energy Solutions (OES), a leading provider of comprehensive logistics services to the proppant supply chain and an affiliate of OmniTRAX, Inc, is speaking at the DUG Sand Conference being held at the Ft. Worth Convention Center April 15. The session, titled Built On A Foundation Of Sand, will be moderated by Brian Walzel, Associate Production Editor of E&P magazine and cover innovative solutions surrounding sourcing and delivering proppant on a customer-specific basis, and on labor-related bottlenecks in proppant transportation. The OES team will be attending both the DUG Sand and DUG Permian conferences April 15 -17.

“The energy logistics industry is going through some dramatic changes so I’m going to review how we got here and set the stage for what’s coming next. Specifically, I’ll be talking about our priorities for 2019, which include keeping cost per ton delivered and NPT as low as possible, what we call “The Whole Mile”  logistics, the investments we’ve made in our team and the technology we use to differentiate ourselves in the market,” said Renfro.

OES comprises the OmniTRAX’s unique offerings to the energy supply chain, including terminals in most of the major basins, transload operations and Arrows UP, LLC, a containerized proppant delivery and storage solution provider, plus ShaleTECH Transport, which provides last-mile transportation and energy logistics solutions.

The DUG Permian Basin Conference explores what’s working for West Texas producers and more, as the industry’s top experts and analysts join the region’s most active producers and service and supply companies. Among 10+ hours of networking, 30+ executive-level speakers will discuss the pulse of the market, forecasts and best practices looking ahead.