OmniTRAX is First Railroad in Georgia Pacific’s Point A Center for Supply Chain Innovation

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DENVER –OmniTRAX, Inc., one of the fastest-growing transportation companies in North America, is the first railroad to join Georgia-Pacific’s Point A Center for Supply Chain Innovation. As a member, OmniTRAX is working with leading companies, start-ups and academic institutions to develop tangible solutions for more productive and efficient global supply chains.

“OmniTRAX continues to position itself as a leader among railroad companies in engaging with our customers and partners to create performance-driven supply chain solutions,” said Pierre-Luc

Mathieu, Chief Strategy Officer at OmniTRAX .  “Many of the supply chain optimization techniques that comprise the foundation of Point A are currently standards at OmniTRAX. Our OmniTRAX Freight Consulting Services group, as an example, focuses on developing collaborative beneficial supply chain solutions with quantifiable results.”

As part of its membership, OmniTRAX will bring a valuable and unique rail perspective to help the Point A consortium unlock supply chain and logistics solutions.

“We welcome OmniTRAX’s participation in Point A and look forward to gaining the insight and expertise of its leaders for the benefit of all our members. Companies like OmniTRAX play a critical role in ensuring freight move safely and efficiently around the world,” said Duriya Farooqui, President of Point A

Over the past several years, OmniTRAX-managed railroads have seen double-digit growth by focusing on solutions for traditional and nontraditional rail users.

“At OmniTRAX, we focus on driving economic growth for American communities. Joining Point A is another way to bring a valuable understanding of rail to the forefront of all supply chain conversations,” said Nathan Brown, Vice President of Strategy at OmniTRAX. “Rail provides inherent advantages other modes of transportation can’t replicate. Understanding how rail reduces transportation spend, increases shipping capacity, enhances safety and improves sustainability is critical for shippers striving to be more competitive in the global marketplace.”