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CSC Sugar Joins the OmniTRAX /Port of Brownsville Community
Posted On: March 27, 2017

BROWNSVILLE, TX – The OmniTRAX Inc.-operated Brownsville & Rio Grande International Railway, LLC (BRG), along with the Port of Brownsville, Elite warehouse and Schaefer Stevedoring, created an attractive environment for CSC Sugar to locate a packaging and distribution operation.  Operations at the leased warehouse will commence this month, adding 35 new full-time jobs to the region.

“Brownsville’s access to transportation resources and great export opportunities were key factors in the location selection. We certainly thank the Port, Schaefer Stevedoring and OmniTRAX for their support in bringing this project to fruition,” said Paul Farmer, CEO and founder of CSC Sugar.

OmniTRAX, one of the largest privately held transportation service companies in North America and an affiliate of The Broe Group, is working collaboratively with the Port of Brownsville to bring businesses like CSC Sugar to the GEOTRAC Industrial Hub, which is located adjacent to the port. This deal potentially translates into thousands of additional rail cars on the BRG and many new vessel calls to the port.

“The Port of Brownsville and the GEOTRAC Industrial Hub offer a very unique location for companies like CSC Sugar. Plus, the capabilities of the Brownsville & Rio Grande International Railway will create new opportunities for exporting and importing a variety of products like beet and cane sugar,” said Kevin Shuba, CEO of OmniTRAX.

“We collaborated with OmniTRAX and the property owner to make this happen in quick order, showing that a public-private partnership can be agile and attract the right customers for the right space,” said John Wood, chairman of the Brownsville Navigation District.

The GEOTRAC Industrial Hub is the result of a strategic relationship between the Port of Brownsville and OmniTRAX that is developing thousands of acres for a world-class industrial site. The land, with its infrastructure that connects to the port and the Brownsville & Rio Grande International Railway, is well-suited for light and heavy manufacturing, logistics, energy services and export/import warehousing.

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