Real Estate and Land Access

How to access OmniTRAX-owned real estate

Beyond just making shipping by rail as easy as possible, we strive to make all aspects of dealing with rail simple and painless. Quite possibly one of the most cumbersome interactions one can have with railroads is when you need access to the area around the tracks themselves. Whether you need to install utility lines or build a road over tracks, we will  help you make that easy too. First, we will need to know what you would like to do (i.e. lay pipes or wires along the tracks, dig on our land, etc.). Next, we will have you fill out the application that best suits your needs from the list below and submit it to us according to the instructions on the respective cover sheet. Once we have all of your information, we will give you a call and walk you through the process.  That’s it!  If you have any questions about how to access OmniTRAX-owned real estate, give us a call or send us an email.


U.S. East:

Illinois Railway, Manufacturers Junction Railway, Chicago Rail Link, Decatur Railway, Northern Ohio and Western Railway, Newburgh and South Shore Railroad, Alabama and Tennessee River Railway, Fulton County Railway, Georgia and Florida Railway, Georgia Woodlands Railroad

Elizabeth McGuire, Railroad Real Estate Manager

Phone: (303) 398-0441


U.S .West:

Sand Spring Railway, Central Texas and Colorado River Railway,Brownsville and Rio Grande Railway, Panhandle Northern Railroad, Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado Railway, Great Western Railway of Colorado, Kettle Falls International Railway, Stockton Terminal and Eastern Railroad

Lucy McDonald, Railroad Real Estate Manager

Phone: (303) 398-0564



Carlton Trail Railway, Hudson Bay Railway

Kelle Williams, Director of Railroad Real Estate

Phone: (303) 398-0445

For general questions, email us at:



If you need to access railroad-owned property as a part of your adjacent project which may include, but is not limited to, digging, drilling, soil sampling, monitoring, surveys, etc., you will be required to obtain written permission in the form of a Right of Entry agreement.  We grant thirty (30) day Right of Entry agreements. If you will require a Right of Entry for longer than a thirty day period, please let us know in advance.

pdf_icon Non-Environmental Right of Entry Application

pdf_icon Environmental Right of Entry Application


For land uses such as parking, farming, cell towers, signboards, etc., please complete the land lease application below and provide us with details as to how you intend to use the property.

pdf_icon Land Lease Application

If you intend to use the property solely for the purposes of maintenance (i.e. pruning bushes, mowing, or trash/debris clean up and removal) use the beautification lease application below.

pdf_icon Beautification Lease Application

If you are a single-family resident and need to use railroad owned property to access your dwelling, parking, or for additional yard space, etc., use the residential lease application below.

pdf_icon Residential Lease Application

If you are a current tenant, but are requesting a modification to your existing agreement, use the modification to lease application below.

pdf_icon Modification to Lease Application

If you are a current tenant, but need to request an assignment of your agreement to a new applicant, use the assignment of lease application below.

pdf_iconAssignment of Lease Application



To lease railroad-owned track for railcar service or storage, use the track lease application provided below.

pdf_icon Track Lease Application

If you are an industry and require railcar service over industry-owned track, use the industry track lease application below.

pdf_icon Industry Track Lease Application



If you are a government agency or municipality requiring a grade crossing, complete the public grade crossing application provided below.

pdf_icon Public Grade Crossing Application

If you are an industry, resident, or other non-municipal entity requiring a grade crossing, complete the private grade crossing application below.

 Private Grade Crossing Application



If you are requesting aerial wire line occupancy, complete the aerial wire line crossing or parallelism application below.

pdf_icon Aerial Wire Line Crossing or Parallelism Application

If you are requesting an underground wire line occupancy, complete the underground wire line crossing or parallelism application below.

pdf_iconUnderground Wire Line Crossing or Parallelism Application

If you are requesting a pipe line occupancy or mineral rights, complete the pipe line crossing or parallelism application below.

pdf_iconPipe Line Crossing Parallelism


If you need an agreement from us, but do not see the application for the agreement type, or have questions regarding insurance requirements, rates, etc., please contact us at: