Car Storage and Repair

When you’re tripping over your cars, consider railcar storage

Having just the right number of cars is best, but there comes a time when you may have too many not in use. That’s where we come in. When you find yourself with more cars in your fleet than you currently need, we can help store your railcars with a variety of options using railcar storage. Why spend the money shipping empty cars back to their original location when they could be stored in one of OmniTRAX’s managed facilities in twelve states or three Canadian provinces? This also allows for easy Interchange with BNSF, CN, CP, CSXT, KCS, NS, & UP.

It’s convenient and cost effective, and when you need the fleet again, the facilities promise easy access and recovery.  To  request current availability, contact Chris Richter

Car Repair: Do Your Cars Need Some TLC?

Of course, it’s better to have your cars on the move, making you money. But sometimes, they simply need a little upkeep. If your cars need running repairs, the car repair service offered by our affiliates can make sure your cars meet all the requirements set forth by the AAR, FRA and Transport Canada to safely operate on rails. Contact Troy Allen for further information.