Its Easy Being Green

When it comes to your business, your primary concern is probably making money. Saving money and time are at the top of the list too. Being “green?” It’s a nice bonus.

Being green just comes natural to us. Here are some statistics from the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association regarding the green benefits of transport by rail:

  • One rail freight car can carry the equivalent of four truck loads
  • Railroads consume almost one-third less fuel than trucks per ton-mile moved
  • One rail car can carry a ton of cargo 480 miles on one gallon of fuel
  • Railroads are working to reduce emissions of particulate matter by 90% and nitrogen oxide by 80%
  • One train can remove more than 400 trucks from the highway.
  • If just 10% of the freight currently moving by truck moved by rail, over 1 billion gallons of fuel would be saved and greenhouse gas emissions would drop by 12 million tons
  • Short line railroads take the equivalent of nearly 33 million truck loads off the highways, saving the country over $1.4 billion annually in highway repair costs
The railroad companies are far more fuel-efficient than trucks and relatively cheaper as fuel prices soar.

-The Wall Street Journal (July 25, 2008)