Rail Made Easy

Shipping By Rail Made Easy

We understand that shipping by train for the first time can be a daunting experience. Confusing jargon, red tape, and unfamiliarity with logistics have caused many potential customers to fall back on the familiar: “big wheels on the road.”

So we set off with a goal in mind: to make shipping by rail as easy as shipping by truck. We started by listening to customers like you who sought an easy rail shipping option. What makes using OmniTRAX so easy?

  • Door-to-door shipping using your container or ours. We send the truck, the truck delivers it to the train. Your worries are over.
  • We’ll get your shipment where it needs to go, using our own rails as well as helping you work with the Class 1 railroads to make your delivery complete.
  • Real-time tracking with email alerts.

If you want to be known around the office as the one person who figured out how to save money by shipping by rail, contact us today at 303.398.4500.

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benefits of omnitrax


OmniTRAX is continually expanding our reach, allowing our customers to take advantage of our door-to-door shipping services.  We combine the superior fuel efficiency of rail with the ease of trucking and the global reach of overseas shipping through our international deep-water ports.


With the ability to track your freight using our online shipping portal, you’ll not only receive real-time email alerts updating you on the status of your shipments, you’ll also receive peace of mind, knowing that we’re handling all of the red tape and complicated logistics normally associated with the other rail providers.

Cost Savings

When shipping as little as 500 miles, you can save money by using the most cost-effective shipping method around.  Because of the efficient use of fuel, rail is hands-down the least expensive way to get your freight from here to there.