Industrial Development

OmniTRAX can help you find the right location for your growing business

Locating a new facility on railroads can be cumbersome and time-consuming. The OmniTRAX Industrial Development team makes that process smooth and simple.We are uniquely situated to provide each customer with unmatched precision and ease when it comes to expanding alongside our railroads. The Industrial Development team will walk you through each phase of the development process, to include site selection, track leases, track design, transloading, built-to-suit designs, logistics consulting, and more.

OmniTRAX Industrial Development ensures your efforts will be met with:

  • Potential Cost Savings
  • Transportation and Logistics Efficiencies
  • Fast Implementation
  • Community Support and Partnerships
  • Access to Information
  • Years of Locally-Based Development Experience

No matter where you are, we can help you get to the best location. We customize every detail for your growing business:

  • Site Selection
  • Land Purchase and Development
  • Incentive Negotiations
  • Engineering and Site Layout
  • Purchase and Lease-back
  • Build-to-suit

If you find yourself looking for a rail-served facility or site, come see what we have done, offer, and can do for your company Great Western Industrial Park, GEOTRAC INDUSTRIAL HUB,  and Savannah Gateway Industrial Hub. Get on the track and grow your business with OmniTRAX Industrial Development. Call us today at 303-398-0500.