OmniTRAX Energy Solutions

OmniTRAX Energy Solutions (OES)

Efficiently moving resources and delivering results for customers in the Oil and Gas Industry.


Strategic Assets

As an independently-owned logistics partner, OES provides the flexibility and efficiency to maximize return. Through strategic relationships, competitive locations and pioneering delivery solutions that are compatible with all standard systems, OES delivers cost certainty, efficiency and total control.


Logistics Expertise

OES handles over 10M tons of sand each year across all stages of the supply chain. It provides knowledgeable service and delivers safe and reliable supply-chain solutions so customers can maximize their resources.

Capital Efficiency

OES is a well-capitalized partner built on 40 years of investment in strategic energy assets. It has invested in industry-leading supply chain infrastructure and facilities so organization can focus on what they do best. As the need of customers grow, OES is capitalized to scale to meet their needs.


Rail Transportation – Operator of Short Line Railroads with Class I Partnerships.

Terminals – Facilities locate within many of the most active basins.

Rail-to-Truck – Transload services that enable speed to market for minimal capital investment.

Bin-to-Blender – Arrows Up, LLC offers a last-mile proppant delivery system that increases efficiencies and lowers costs.

benefits of omnitrax


OmniTRAX is continually expanding our reach, allowing our customers to take advantage of our door-to-door shipping services.  We combine the superior fuel efficiency of rail with the ease of trucking and the global reach of overseas shipping through our international deep-water ports.


With the ability to track your freight using our online shipping portal, you’ll not only receive real-time email alerts updating you on the status of your shipments, you’ll also receive peace of mind, knowing that we’re handling all of the red tape and complicated logistics normally associated with the other rail providers.

Cost Savings

When shipping as little as 500 miles, you can save money by using the most cost-effective shipping method around.  Because of the efficient use of fuel, rail is hands-down the least expensive way to get your freight from here to there.