Port of Churchill

Port of Churchill

HBC-port-coThe Port of Churchill is North America’s only deep water Arctic seaport and is strategically located on the west coast of the Hudson Bay.

The Port brings the world of ocean trade to the front doorstep of the central United States and Canada. Churchill’s unique location provides opportunities for the export of grain, manufactured, mining, and forest products, as well as the import of ores, minerals, steel, building materials, fertilizer, and petroleum products for distribution in Central and Western Canada and the United States.

Hudson Bay Port Company has four deep-sea berths for the loading and unloading of grain, bulk commodities, general cargo, and tanker vessels. The Port is connected to the Hudson Bay Railway and further connections are made with the Canadian National Railway system.

The location of the port is ideal for shipping products to and from Europe, Russia, Mexico, Africa, South America, and the Middle East.

Using the Port of Churchill eliminates time-consuming navigation, additional handling and high-cost transportation through the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway. Shipping seasons normally run from late July to early November.

For more information, please visit the Hudson Bay Port Company website