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Atlanta, GA


A Locomotive Engineer/Conductor operates trains safely by complying with operating rules and train handling policies to transport freight in a satisfactory manner. This person is responsible for the mechanical operation of the train, train speed, and handling. Also, ensures clear communication with dispatcher and track authority. Once hired, the employee will need to become certified as an Engineer and maintain certification per established FRA requirements.



  • Responsible for safe and efficient operation of the locomotive
  • Operation of locomotive, which requires full mobility in seated position facing forward and to the side
  • Requires the manipulation of throttle and brake controls as well as interpreting gauges and controls
  • Must be able to manipulate valves and switches both inside and outside of the cab
  • Applies and releases handbrakes
  • Ascends and descends steps and ladders to get on and off the equipment
  • Takes directions from conductors and brakemen
  • Line switches
  • Coupling cars
  • Working on freight trains
  • Laces air hoses
  • Services the locomotive (brake shoes, oil, sand and fuel)
  • Other duties as assigned, as requested or required.



  • Valid State Driver’s License
  • Must report to work as called on a 24-hour schedule.
  • Must comply with all new and outstanding railroad instructions regarding the operation of the train.
  • Must comply with all federal regulations regarding the operation of the train air brakes.
  • Assist the Locomotive Engineer in the management of the train and daily work.
  • Work Safely and Efficiently.
  • Completes work as directed by supervisors.
  • Must pass all job and health related examinations.
  • Perform switching, make-up and break-up trains.
  • Perform ground tasks of coupling and un-coupling cars, operating switches, etc.
  • Maintain accurate records of cars handled, repairs performed, and track conditions encountered.
  • Communication with management, customer service, crew members, and connecting railroads.
  • High school education or general education development (GED).
  • Minimum of two years experience in railroad operations.
  • Perceived aptitude in the Transportation field and demonstrating a desire to learn required.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to utilize computer programs including Microsoft WORD and EXCEL.
  • Must make routine decisions about work that has been previously programmed for the day.
  • Must solve routine problems that may arise in regard to programmed work.
  • Must use all equipment, tools, resources and company automobiles in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Must use extremely sound judgment when complying and interrupting railroad rules, regulations and instructions.
  • Must use good judgment when complying with federal regulations that apply to the operation of trains.
  • Must be able to distinguish color signals aspects.
  • Must be able to successfully pass operating rules examination




Physical Requirements: % of Work Time
Must have the ability to see near, far, all color, have depth perception, and ability to adjust focus. 100%
Must have the ability to speak and hear clearly to communicate with co-workers, supervisors, yard workers, and section leaders. 100%
Must have the ability to continuously stand or walk on level or uneven ground. 100%
Must have the ability to ascend and descend railcars and ladders. 75%
Must have the ability to bend/crouch/kneel at waist or knees between locomotive and cars. 50%
Must have the ability to lift, push, pull, or carry up to 150lbs. 50%
Must have the ability to exert up to 150lbs. 50%
Must have the ability to exert up to 125lbs. 75%
Must have the ability to exert up to 100lbs. 75%
Exposure to hot, cold, wet, humid or windy conditions caused by the weather (snow, rain, and sub-freezing temps). 100%



  • No supervisory responsibilities



  • The employee is regularly exposed to outside weather conditions and elements, noise, and fumes from gas, oil, and grease.




We are an EEO Employer and we do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical or mental disability, marital status or veteran status.


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